Photos by Preschoolers

Photography taken by a group of kids aged 2-5 who just learned how to shoot a Canon PowerShot Digital Elph, IPhone, Android, or whatever camera they got their hands on. Miraculously, they also learned how to pee on the potty last year or two. Check it out, they took some money shots!

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? How about: Are you more talented than your preschooler?

Permalink Isa (age 5) taking a pic of me pretending to play the piano.
Permalink Isa (age 4) took this of me in Tree Pose. Mom is braless, without make-up, slightly hungover, yet still standing.
Permalink Isa (Age 4) took a photo of the lucky penny she threw into the fountain at the shopping center. Hope it was a good wish that will come true and make her happy.
Permalink Isa (age 4) snaps a shot of her cousin playing with her old school slinky.
Permalink Isa (age 3) takes a shot of me in deep thought at a Santa Barbara park. (Summer 2011) You can see her in my shades.
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Sofia (age 3) taking a photo of her little bro heading to the CAL game and her mama. Dig the pink hair!
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Isa (Age 3) took this picture of her Uncle and New Auntie getting married last month.
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Corbin (Age 3) takes a pic of a Micky D commercial and catches a glimpse of himself and his world with the TV’s reflection
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Ella (Age 3) took this one last week at the Circus. She wanted a pic of her & Dora’s shoes together.